Go Topless Jeep Weekend 2024 in Crystal Beach, Texas!

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Looking for an epic May weekend of Jeep lovin’ and good times? Then buckle up, drop the top, roll the windows down (or off!), crank your favorite music, and join thousands of other Jeep and beach diehards for the “Go Topless Jeep Weekend” in Crystal Beach, Texas.

Many people – many! – converge on Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach by participating in this unorganized annual gathering – where Jeeps jostle alongside UTVs and 4 wheelers. Whether you’re out to get your beach attitude on or just kick back & relax next to the beachfront with new friends around bonfires under starry night skies. it’s a GIANT party.

Jeeping on the beach - got ducked
Got ducked while Jeeping on the beach! About to drop the top and cruise the beach – Jeep Weekend Texas

Jeep enthusiasts and other partiers travel from Texas and Louisiana as they descend upon Crystal Beach for this rowdy weekend. Participants can arrive as early on Monday or Tuesday and camp on the beach all week, but most start rolling in Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. Come Friday and Saturday, the party is in full swing.

Texas ‘Go Topless Jeep Weekend
Crystal Beach Texas Jeep Weekend
Go Topless Jeep Weekend in Crystal Beach, TX gets crowded. If you’re not camping on the beach, better book your Crystal Beach hotel or Bolivar Peninsula beach rental early.

Hotels and Beach Rentals in Crystal Beach

Visitors to Bolivar Peninsula who are not camping on Crystal Beach should start planning early if they plan on joining the party overnight. Vacation rentals fill up quickly, so those looking for a stay longer than just the day need to book ahead of time. RV parks are also available in order to make your visit as enjoyable and convenient as possible. You can book nearby Crystal Beach, Texas hotels or, even more popular, are beach rentals in Crystal Beach. Check out RV options as well.

Restaurants on Bolivar kick off each national event with a bang! They always ensure that fresh seafood is prepped and live music performances for Friday and Saturday nights are a top priority. Many bring their grills and cook on the beach. Some setups are quite elaborate.

Go Topless Jeep Weekend 2024 at Crystal Beach, Texas

We are hearing two different dates, and trying to determine which is correct. Some sources say Apr 19-28 (Topless week??), and others say May 18th. We hope to get clarification soon.


Type in the days above that you will be at Jeep Weekend Texas, and book your stay early!

Although the weekend festivities have been somewhat contentious with a few alcohol-induced incidents over the years requiring police intervention, mostly these occurrences are minimal. Most feel that there is nothing better than beachside drinks and jeeps! Yet law enforcement made it known they were present to ensure everyone remained in check – ultimately doing their job. As one attendee told me: “It looks crazy from the outside, most nobody really wants trouble. They are just here for the beach, the Jeeps, the people, and the vibe. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Go Topless Jeep Weekend
Texas 'Go Topless Jeep Weekend
Jeeps and RV’s share the beach during the Go Topless Jeep Weekend in Crystal Beach, TX

For beach rules and more info on local laws, check out the Bolivar Peninsula / Galveston County Beach Rules page. Be safe!


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Happy Beachin' Y'all!

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