The 15 Best Galveston Ghost Tours (2024)

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Ready To Book Your Galveston Ghost Tour?

If you love a good Galveston ghost tour, you’re in the right place to find the the best Galveston ghost tours featured here! We have hand-picked our favorites. There are many different types of tours to decide from: guided or self-guided, family oriented or adults-only, and more. Let’s find you the perfect Galveston ghost tour.

galveston ghost tourDon’t have time to read the whole article?
The Best Galveston Ghost Tour is the

Historic Galveston Ghost Tour,
with almost all FIVE STAR (or SUN!) reviews
TexasBeaches Beach RatingTexasBeaches Beach RatingTexasBeaches Beach RatingTexasBeaches Beach RatingTexasBeaches Beach Rating

This was our top pick because it has the perfect mix of spooky vs. history, somewhat scary, but kids and families enjoyed it, and it was filled with excitement, great stories and fun, passionate guides.

Ready to dive in to the list of the top Galveston ghost tours (so that you can book yours NOW)?

Let’s GO!!!

Top 3 Picks: Best Galveston Ghost Tours

galveston ghost tourHistoric Galveston Ghost Tour

✔️Perfect Mix of History and Paranormal
✔️Scary But Kid Friendly

Tour the historic Galveston cemetery and Walk With The Dead - photo: ViatorWalk with the Dead: Galveston Old City Cemetery Tour

✔️Cemetery At Night!
✔️Paranormal Research Based
Galveston ghost tours - StrandGhost On the Strand Ghost Tour

✔️Strand Centric
✔️Fun Guides

The 15 Best Galveston Ghost Tours

1. Historic Galveston Ghost Tour

galveston ghost tour
The perfect mix of spooky and history without being cheesy. The Historic Galveston Ghost Tour – photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.98 out of 5 Stars, with over 430 reviews

Rated one of the top Galveston haunted tour experiences, don’t wait to secure your spot on the Historic Galveston Ghost Tour .

This 90-minute guided walking tour is the perfect mix of spooky and historical, without being too cheesy (as some ghost tours can be). You can expect to be thoroughly entertained by exciting, knowledgeable, passionate tour guides who will tell amazing stories about the island’s secrets, paranormal events, and haunted history that dates back 150 years.

As you pass by luxurious historic mansions like the Ashton Villa and abandoned properties, you will learn about the mysterious events and spooky occurrences that have been said to have happened here (especially fun when the guide pulls out pictures of ghosts on his phone!).

Awesome experience! Would totally do it again. Whole family enjoyed from 5 year old all the way to teenagers!


Best_Texas_Beaches-AvatarGALVESTON Fun Fact: Galveston was once the leading and most valuable port in Texas!

The tour guides are fun and engaging, and they will answer any questions you may have. Some of them even bring music to play for the ghosts! Kids and teenagers were especially impressed by the experience as they become engrossed in these tales of mystery and suspense.

This tour is a fun and educational way to learn about Galveston’s history. With so much excitement, energy, and amazing stories, the tour is totally worth it!

>>BOOK Historic Galveston Ghost Tour<<


2. Walk with the Dead: Galveston Old City Cemetery Tour

Galveston Ghost Tour - Cemetery
Tour the historic Galveston cemetery and Walk With The Dead – photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.67 out of 5 Stars, with over 55 reviews

The Walk with the Dead: Galveston Old City Cemetery Tour offers one of the best haunted tours in Galveston, with a cosplay cemetery twist. Book now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

On this Galveston ghost tour, you can expect a 90 minute night time guided walking tour solely inside the historic Galveston Old City Cemetery, which is unique compared to many of the other tours here.

The “Lady in black” was phenomenal! I had so much fun, she was a wealth of information and really made history come alive in the cemetery! Definitely something I would do again. If you haven’t done a cemetery tour, I highly recommend this one.


As guests explore the spooky grounds, they will be greeted by a woman in black – otherwise known as Annette! The atmosphere and the costume together make for an amazing environment for a ghost tour.

She shares personal experiences, tells amazing stories and provides an educational and fun experience as she takes you through the cemetery, pointing out gravestone symbols and sharing paranormal stories. The tour claims it is the only ghost tour in Galveston meticulously researched by academics.

While exploring their surroundings, you are encouraged to take photographs of what they see – making it a great tour for families and kids alike. And with Annette’s help, you can learn about the many spirits that haunt the cemetery, as well as the stories of their families.

The costume, the knowledge and passion of the guide, the cemetery – it all comes together for a great haunted Galveston experience.

>>BOOK Walk With The Dead: Galveston Old City Cemetery Tour<<


3. Ghost On the Strand Ghost Tour

Galveston ghost tours - Strand
Enjoy the dark and illustrious side of Galveston’s with the Ghost on The Strand tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.55 out of 5 Stars, with over 50 reviews

Don’t miss out on the Ghost On the Strand Ghost Tour. One of our top ghost tours centered on Galveston’s Strand District

This guided walking tour is a spooktacular journey through the haunted streets of Galveston focusing specific on the historic Strand District . From the moment you arrive at the designated meeting point, you’ll feel as though you’re walking through a portal to the past.

Last night was fun! He did such a good job answering questions & telling us all details. Not to mention the pirate jokes were funny!! We enjoyed every fact of each event that has happened in Galveston many years ago! Really recommend!!


Your experienced guide will be there to bring history alive, leading you by lantern-light on a 90-minute walking tour of Galveston’s Strand district. You’ll learn about the city’s rich and sometimes tragic past, including countless hurricanes, wars, fires, and even pirate raids.

Explore various locations that are known for their paranormal activity—from the mass grave in Market Square to the Tremont House—and be sure to groan at Pirate John’s pirate jokes but relish his historical knowledge that the whole family will enjoy , including kids. At the end of your tour, you’ll get insider tips on where to eat, drink and explore in Galveston.

>>BOOK Ghost On The Strand Tour<<

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4. Al’s Authentic Paranormal Excursion Tour

Galveston Ghost Tours - paranormal
Experience the paranormal with an amazing guide at the Al’s Authentic Paranormal Excursion Tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.89 out of 5 Stars, with over 138 reviews

Experience one of Galveston’s top-rated ghost tours and secure your spot on Al’s Authentic Paranormal Excursion Tour.

An exciting and spooky guided walking tour awaits you. Al, your knowledgeable guide, will take you on an a near 90 minute journey through the city’s haunted past and share first-hand accounts of paranormal activity. Get ready to explore Old Galveston, from its notorious bootleggers and brothels to the infamous murder scene and trial. You’ll come in close contact with the paranormal, so don’t forget your camera.

Amazing walking tour. Al was super knowledgeable and shared great information, history and experiences. We had a wonderful time and would love to experience this again!


This small-group tour provides you a more intimate experience and benefit from Al’s energy and passion. He’s an amazing guide and knows all the best haunted spots, so you’ll get the full Galveston ghost tour experience. And if a private tour is preferred, Al can accommodate your needs! You’ll have plenty of fun and learn a lot on this affordable and safe tour.

>>BOOK Al’s Authentic Paranormal Tour<<


5. Private Strand Street Ghost Self Guided Walking Tour

Galveston Self Guided Ghost Tour
Explore the haunted side of Galveston on your own with this Self Guided Ghost Tour of The Strand. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.89 out of 5 Stars, with over 55 reviews

The Private Strand Street Ghost Self Guided Walking Tour is an exciting and spooky adventure for guests of all ages looking for an opportunity to explore haunted Galveston on their own. You will be taken on a narrated GPS-guided walking tour that’s sure to thrill and spook even the bravest of adventurers.

The tour starts at the Tremont House, a historic hotel with many ghosts said to haunt the lobby and rooms. As you stop outside the Railway Museum, you’ll hear about two of Galveston’s most famous ghosts that are said to frequent it.

Interesting tour. Easy to download and go on. Nice to do at your own leisure. Recommend this tour!!!


You’ll then take a break at the Shark Shack – an incredible restaurant with quite a few stories of its own! This spot has seen some wild shootouts in its day, and it’s said to be home to a few ghosts as well.

You will then visit the Hutchings, Sealy & Company Building where you’ll hear about the Woman in White who is said to haunt its halls forever. Next up is the Thomas Jefferson League building – many say this building has been haunted by a woman playing the piano for guests.

Nearby is the old JDR building, where you’ll hear the story of a mother and child who haunt its top floor – with an interesting history as a makeshift morgue during the Great Storm. You will also pass by Hendley Market to learn about the ghosts of Galveston’s Civil War past and maybe even catch a glimpse of one in the window!

This tour is a great value, and you can go at any time – middle of the night if you wish- it never expires. With its music-infused narration and easy to download instructions, this spooky and informative solo walking tour is sure to be an unforgettable experience for those brave enough to explore Galveston’s ghostly past.

>>BOOK Private Strand Self Guided Walking Tour<<


6. The Shadows of Revelry Walking Ghost Tour

Galveston Ghost Tour Adults Only
Visit Galveston’s sinful history on the adult only Shadows of Revelry Walking Ghost Tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.98 out of 5 Stars, with over 75 reviews

Don’t miss the thrilling Adults-Only The Shadows of Revelry Walking Ghost Tour , one of Galveston’s best ghost tour experiences!

As you meet your certified guide, you will be told tales of some of the most notorious outlaws and pirates that have called this city home in the past. Just around the corner lies Saengerfest Park, where you can learn about Galveston’s history as Sin City and get a glimpse of what it once may have been like.

The ghost stories were great, they were very informative and gave a lot of history on Galveston from pirates to brothels and the girls working in them.


Walking down the streets of this historic city, you’ll pass by the old Antique Warehouse, which used to be a brothel over 100 years ago. Plus, learn about Havana Alley Cigar Shop and Lounge, Galveston’s most recent brothel that was running until 1990. Who knows what secrets and stories will be revealed along the way? Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some of the more infamous ghosts that roam these city streets.

>>BOOK Shadows of Revelry Walking Ghost Tour<<

Best_Texas_Beaches-AvatarGALVESTON Fun Fact: By 1899 Galveston had become the second richest city per capita in the US.

7. Segway Galveston Haunted Legends: Ghost Tour

Galveston Ghost Tour Segway
The haunted side of Galveston with mobility on this Segway Galveston Haunted Legends Ghost Tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.88 out of 5 Stars, with over 24 reviews

Don’t delay; secure your spot on one of our most unforgettable Galveston ghost tours! Segway Galveston Haunted Legends: Ghost Tour.

Imagine yourself gliding through the haunted streets of Galveston on a Segway, feeling the cool night breeze ruffle your hair and hearing the mysterious creaks and groans that echo in the shadows. You’re part of an offbeat ghost tour that promises to give you a different view of this haunted city than most conventional tours..

This was the highlight of our girl’s trip! It’s absolutely the best way to get around the city and learn so many things you would never know. We are still talking about it! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and personable. He covered all the different aspects of Galveston we were hoping for. There were people in our group from all ages and everyone really enjoyed themselves. I will be back to do this again with my husband. Can’t wait!


As you roll past eerie cemeteries and centuries-old houses that, legend has it, are occupied by restless spirits, your knowledgeable guide tells tales of pirates and plagues, mobsters and hurricanes. In the course of two hours, you learn more about Galveston’s history and its secrets than you ever could have on foot. The tour is simultaneously spooky and fun, a unique way to experience this haunted city and all its eerie stories.

>>BOOK Segway Galveston Haunted Legends Tour<<


8. Galveston’s Haunted Cemetery Walking Tour

Galveston Ghost Tours - Haunted Cemeteries
Tour several nighttime cemeteries in this guided Haunted Cemetery Walking Tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.67 out of 5 Stars, with over 130 reviews

Ranked as one of our best ghost tours in Galveston – don’t miss your chance to reserve a spot on Galveston’s Haunted Cemetery Walking Tour.

Imagine joining an evening tour of the cemeteries of Galveston on a warm night. As you make your way to the meeting point, your imagination starts to take over as you consider what sort of stories await you on this ghostly tour.

Awesome tour. Definite ghost activity! We brought our EMF reader and it went off where no power lines were present. Our tour guide was delightful and entertaining. She had a vast knowledge of the history that surrounded the occupants of the cemetery. I was grateful for having met her and spending an hour and a half with her leading the tour because she had a great positive energy that brought the tour to life!

Christopher J. (SEE MORE REVIEWS)

Your guide greets everyone warmly and introduces the group to the history and folklore of the cemeteries. As you make your way to each graveyard, your guide regales you with fascinating stories about the symbolism of the grounds and those who have been laid to rest here for centuries.

You hear tales of yellow fever epidemics, great storms that wiped away parts of Galveston’s history, and stories from beyond the grave which still linger in the air.

As you explore each graveyard, your guide’s knowledge and enthusiasm for Galveston history comes to life and you can feel the energy of those who have passed through these grounds. Everywhere you look, there are stories of tragedy and triumph, a reminder of the resilience of this city over time.

It’s a unique experience that appeals to all ages, and one you won’t soon forget.

>>BOOK Galveston Haunted Cemetery Walking Tour<<


9. Spooky Strand Ghost Tour

Galveston Ghost Tpurs - Spooky Strand
Experience tales of ghosts, pirates and civil war haunted on this Spooky Strand Ghost Tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.58 out of 5 Stars, with over 50 reviews

Don’t miss your chance to take part in this exciting and offbeat adventure. The Spooky Strand Ghost Tour .

You can look forward to an exciting and unique tour of the city’s spookiest sites on this 90-minute guided private ghost walking tour of The Strand.

Our guide was amazing. Knowledgeable, friendly, and full of ghostly experiences of Galveston. We would recommend the tour to anyone who wants to learn the history of the city and the events that happened here years ago.


Led by knowledgeable and funny, entertaining guides, guests will get an in-depth view of the many buildings that line The Strand. As you go, the guides will share tales of ghosts, pirates, and Civil War soldiers that people can’t discover anywhere else.

Along the way, youwill get a peek at some of Galveston’s most famous spots such as the Railroad Museum, Grand 1894 Opera House, and Tremont House. Plus, you’ll learn about the city’s mysterious past and discover hidden buildings and streets they might have otherwise overlooked.

>>BOOK Spooky Strand Ghost Tour<<


10. Storm on the Strand Ghost Tour

Galveston Ghost Tours - Storm on the Strand
Uncover the dark side of the Great Storm with this Storm On The Strand Ghost Tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.55 out of 5 Stars, with over 50 reviews

Don’t miss out on this top-rated Galveston Ghost Tour experience! Secure your spot now and get ready to explore the supernatural on the Storm on the Strand Ghost Tour .

Visiting the Strand district in Galveston is an adventure like no other. As you take a 90-minute walking ghost tour, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time to the aftermath of the Great Storm of 1900.

Our guide did an amazing job by bringing all the stories to life. He was very enthusiastic and well educated on the history of the island.


Listen to spine-tingling tales of unexpected deaths, paranormal sightings, and eerie old legends as you explore areas like the Railroad Museum and the Grand 1894 Opera House.

You’ll learn about Galveston’s rich past from your great storyteller guide, who will be sure to point out any ghostly sightings you may encounter along the way. Plus, with several tour times available, it’s easy to find one that fits your schedule.

>>BOOK Storm On The Strand Ghost Tour<<


11. Original Galveston Ghosts Walking Tour

Galveston Ghost Tours - Original Galveston Walking Tour
Meticulously researched stores of paranormal and history in the Original Galveston Ghosts Walking Tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.55 out of 5 Stars, with over 30 reviews

The Original Galveston Ghosts Walking Tour is one of our most popular ghost tours in Galveston, so don’t wait to book your tour today.

On this 90 minute guided walking tour, you’ll be taken deep into the dark and mysterious streets of Galveston. As you follow your knowledgeable guide, you’ll hear stories about those who have gone before us and the paranormal activity that is said to linger in the city.

Very knowledgeable host, super cool stories! I have been on a tour once in New Orleans and this one competed with that one with the host’s knowledge of history as well as the creepiness of that stories


You’ll explore famous haunted mansions such as Ashton Villa and the Rosenberg Library, as well as other spooky spots. Your journey will be thrilling and informative, with your guide providing interesting stories about the area’s history.

You’ll experience Galveston in a new way, walking through the streets at night to get a true feeling of the city. With two different tour times available, you can choose which time best fits your schedule. Your group size could be up to 30 people, so you’re sure to have an enjoyable and exciting experience.

>>BOOK Original Galveston Ghosts Walking Tour<<


12. Galveston Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour

Galveston Ghost Tours - Haunted Pub Crawl
Mix paranormal and alcohol in this fun adults only Haunted Pub Crawl Ghost Tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.89 out of 5 Stars, with over 35 reviews

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience one of the most fun Galveston ghost tour. Book your spot today on the Galveston Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour .

This Galveston Haunted Pub Crawl is sure to be a night of spooks and spirits for those ages 21+ (sorry, kids. This one’s not for you).

Starting at Galveston Railroad Museum, you will feel a chill in the air and a sense that something ancient and mysterious lingers beneath its walls. You’ll hear stories of hurricane victims lost in the wreckage and Civil War soldiers who still stand for Texas.

Hands down the best experience we’ve ever had! The best night! Literally the BEST! Truly unforgettable!


At the Shark Shack, you’ll learn tales of ghosts stalking through the pubs and restaurants as you sip on a cold one. Then it’s time for The Tremont House, where you’ll grab a drink from the only rooftop bar in Galveston.

You’ll hear stories of spooky happenings at the Haunted Mayfield Manor and then head over to Stuttgarden Tavern nearby. Next up is Hendley Row, which has its own haunted history. Before the tour is over, you’ll have the chance to grab a drink at Drunken Monkeyz and truly get spooked.

>>BOOK Galveston Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour<<


13. Galveston Ghost Tour

Galveston Ghost Tour - low cost option
Experience the eerie side of Galveston on this low cost Galveston Ghost Tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 3.89 out of 5 Stars, with over 15 reviews

Escape into the supernatural world of Galveston and secure your spot on the Galveston Ghost Tour.

Here is the perfect way to delve into the city’s spooky past without breaking the bank. With an experienced guide, a small group of participants can explore Galveston’s haunted streets on foot for this 90 minute guided walking tour.

Lots of great information and spooky stories. I would recommend it to anyone! 


Visitors will get an up-close look at some of the most chilling sites in town as they hear tales of the city’s macabre history, from the Civil War to Prohibition and beyond.

Along the way, keep an eye out for any spectral visitors that may be lurking in the shadows – you just never know what secrets will be uncovered during this tour. Plus, with a central meeting point and smaller groups than larger tourist groups, guests can have an intimate, hassle-free experience.

>>BOOK The Galveston Ghost Tour<<


14. Dark of the Moon Ghost Tour and Red Light District combined

Galveston Ghost Tours - Combined Tour
Double the fun with this combination of spooky and Red Light District in this combined Dark of the Moon combined Ghost Tour and Red Light District. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.00 out of 5 Stars, with over 5 reviews

Don’t miss out on a great combination of two Galveston tours. Reserve spot now for the Dark of the Moon Combined Ghost Tour and Red Light District Tour .

Dark of the Moon Tour promises an adventure combining the highlights from both its popular and highest rated tours, Ghost on the Strand and Historic tour.

Our guide was well versed in the history of Galvestons Red Light district as well as a well trained medium to the supernatural. We enjoyed both the historical aspects of the tour and the paranormal. (From the light hearted ghosts to those with scary energy). Whether you believe in ghosts or not, I’d highly reccomend this tour. It was worth the price, amazingly fun and informative, and an experience that you will not soon forget.

Christopher J. (SEE MORE REVIEWS )

Guests will have the unique opportunity to explore some of the most haunted sites in America, such as the historic Strand district, Galveston Railroad Museum, 1894 Grand Opera House, Tremont Street and the Sealy-Hutchings Estate. With this guided walking tour lasting anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours, you will be sure to have a fun and thrilling night.

Throughout the journey you’ll get to hear about the many ghostly tales that still haunt the island, as well as its extensive history. So if you’re looking for an exciting and one-of-a-kind experience, join the Dark of the Moon tour.

>>BOOK Combined Ghost Tour and Red Light District Tour<<


15. Galveston Ghost Tour

Galveston Ghost Tours - walking tour
Murder, mayhem, and otherworldly experiences in this Galveston Ghost Tour. Photo: Viator
TexasBeaches Beach RatingRATING: 4.00 out of 5 Stars, with over 5 reviews

Don’t wait any longer to join one of our most acclaimed Galveston ghost tour experiences! Galveston Ghost Tour .

On a humid night in Galveston, many brave souls gather to embark on a ghostly journey through the haunted alleyways, past grand mansions, and gloomy corners. You could be one of those brave souls.

Well worth it! The style of story telling that our guide used to convey the history was very unique . The mandolin helped convey a haunting mood 


Led by experienced guides, groups of up to twelve guests are taken on an unforgettable 90 minute tour that will have them questioning the supernatural.

As you walk, you’ll hear thrilling stories of murder, mayhem and otherworldly encounters. Your guide will be ready to answer any questions you have about Galveston’s haunted history, and provide tips on the best places to eat and explore around town. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for possible paranormal sightings – who knows what you might see!

At the end of the tour, you’ll come away with a better understanding of Galveston’s dark history, and feeling as if you’ve stepped into an adventure like no other.

>>BOOK This Galveston Ghost Tour<<

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Galveston Ghost Tours – Frequently Asked Questions

Best Galveston Ghosts Tours
Are ghost tours scary? Are ghost tours worth it? Find answers to your questions below.

What is a ghost tour?

Ghost tours are guided tours of local areas that are said to be haunted or have a history of paranormal activity. These tours often take place in historic buildings, cemeteries, and other locations that have been the site of strange events or sightings.

Participants on ghost tours may get the chance to explore these places with a guide who is knowledgeable about the area’s history and folklore. They may also use ghost-hunting equipment such as EMF meters and infrared cameras to detect paranormal activity.

Are ghost tours scary?

That’s a hard question to answer, as it really depends on the individual and what kind of ghost tour you choose. On some tours, participants may hear spooky stories or experience mysterious events, while on others they will focus more on historical facts with no scary surprises.

Most ghost tours are designed to be entertaining rather than truly frightening, but they can often leave participants feeling uneasy or unsettled. If you’re looking for a truly terrifying experience, then there are some extreme ghost tours that may provide a good scare. In general, however, most people find that ghost tours are more educational than terrifying

Best_Texas_Beaches-AvatarGALVESTON Fun Fact: In 1842, Galveston was given the very first cotton press in Texas.

Are ghost tours worth it?

Yes, ghost tours can definitely be worth it. While the experience will vary depending on your tour and what you’re looking for, many people find that ghost tours are an exciting and educational way to explore the local area. You may get the chance to learn about local history and folklore, as well as experience something unique and memorable.

Galveston Ghost Tours -
Ghost tours are a fun and entertaining way to learn about an area’s history and folklore.

Are ghost tours legit?

The stories told on ghost tours can vary widely. Many tour guides will tell stories that are based in mythology, folklore, or history and are completely accurate. Others may embellish a tale for dramatic effect or simply to entertain their audience.

It is important to assess each tour’s credibility before taking part—check out these reviews from those who have taken the tour. Many of the tours above have gone to great lengths to research the folklore and the history behind the stories.

Do you think a ghost tour isn’t for you?

Ghost tours can be an exciting way to learn more about your local history and culture while also experiencing something out of the ordinary. But if you’re not sure if a ghost tour is right for you, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you enjoy learning about history and culture? Ghost tours often combine historical facts with stories of hauntings, giving participants a comprehensive look at their city.
  • Are you open to exploring the paranormal? Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, many ghost tours offer an entertaining look into the supernatural.
  • Do you prefer outdoor activities? Most ghost tours take place outdoors as participants explore haunted locations around their city.
  • Are you comfortable in large groups? Many ghost tours involve large groups of people, so it’s important to make sure that this type of atmosphere is comfortable for you.

What to wear on a ghost tour?

When deciding what to wear on a ghost tour, the most important thing to consider is comfort. Wear sneakers or comfortable shoes, since you may be doing some walking. Choose something that is comfortable and won’t restrict your movement in any way.

Additionally, dress for the weather—if it’s cold outside, wear layers so you can take them off as necessary. Lastly, it’s always wise to bring a flashlight so you can see in darker areas during the tour.

How can I become a ghost tour guide?

Becoming a ghost tour guide can be a great way to make money and engage the local community. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Research the local history and folklore of your town or city – this will give you plenty of stories to tell on the tour.
  • Become certified in First Aid and CPR, as well as any necessary licenses in your province or state.
  • Build relationships with local businesses that may want to partner with you for tours.
  • Talk to exciting tour guide companies. Many need staff and extra help. They can provide great information.
  • Learn how to use travel maps and GPS systems so you can lead people easily during the tour.

Galveston Ghost Tour
Most ghost tours are more fun and entertaining than they are scary – but that can depend on the individual tour.

How long should a ghost tour last?

A typical ghost tour lasts between one and two hours, depending on the location and size of the group. It’s important to plan ahead and include enough time for stories, breaks, and visits to different locations. Additionally, leaving some time at the end for questions or discussion is recommended.

What are the best places to visit in Galveston during Halloween?

A ghost tour of course!!

The Witches’ Ball is another great event for Halloween in Galveston. This annual ball features live music, dancing, and other entertainment that will make your Halloween night extra special.

Where can I find more information about Galveston’s history?

For more information about Galveston’s history, visitors can explore the official website of the city which provides an overview of its past and present. Additionally, there are several websites dedicated to preserving and sharing Galveston’s history such as the Galveston Historical Foundation. The Texas State Historical Association also offers a wealth of Galveston history to explore.

Final Thoughts: Galveston Ghost Tours

When trying to decide which Galveston ghost tour is right for, you have to look at many things. Do you want self-guided or guided tour, walking or Segway, how much paranormal vs. history, and are you going to be bringing the family, or will it be only adults.

We recommend the Historic Galveston Ghost Tour for best Galveston ghost tour because it had an overall good balance of everything – paranormal, history, fun guides, family fun and more – PLUS it has a ton of five star reviews, so you can’t go wrong!

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